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Barnburgh Primary Academy

Barnburgh Primary Academy


Our curriculum has been designed to enable curiosity about the world around them; to include and then extend their knowledge beyond their immediate locality. We recognise that our school is in an area of relative geographical isolation and does not represent the cultural diversity experienced in other locations in Britain. We therefore see it as our responsibility to help broaden our children’s views and experiences beyond Barnburgh, including the United Kingdom and the wider world. Our curriculum broadens our children’s understanding by:

  • Learning about events that have happened in the past and how they shape our world today;
  • Celebrating significant individuals and how they have impacted our lives;
  • Comparing our locality with other parts of the world; and understanding how space and place change over time.

At Barnburgh Primary Academy, we understand that in order for all of our children (including SEND and disadvantaged) to learn effectively, we need to help them build a platform of prior learning in order to understand and attach new learning. This is achieved with coherent progression maps for each subject which focus on the following:

  • The National Curriculum
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Vocabulary

We want all of our children:

  • To develop a lifelong love of learning and curiosity about the world around them.
  • To submerge them in language and provide a range of contexts, allowing for language and comprehension development.
  • To build on their own self-awareness and awareness of others.
  • To prepare them for opportunities and experiences that extend within and beyond their locality into the wider world.
  • To understand their own nationality and culture at the same time as nurturing knowledge and respect for other faiths, cultures and lifestyles.
  • To take pride in their own achievements and value their contributions to wider school life.
  • To become independent learners so that they may know more and remember more.
  • For learning to be recalled with ease, so that new knowledge can be connected and attach allowing for deeper understanding.
  • To be the best version of themselves and achieve their full potential. 
  • To develop their cognitive, language, physical and social skills which they will they need to mature in confidence and become successful adults.

Our children have the opportunity to experience subject-based lessons. We also have a number of specialist teachers that support the children in music, art, drama and outdoor learning.

Parents are encouraged to engage with the school and their child’s learning by attending:

  • Aspire Assemblies when their child has been nominated for an award
  • Aspire events
  • Two parent consultations (Autumn and Spring term)

In addition, parents will

  • Receive a school report in the summer
  • Receive regular curriculum updates via our School Ping communication channel