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Barnburgh Primary Academy

Barnburgh Primary Academy

Extra Curricular

Extra curricular activities are an important part of life at Barnburgh Primary Academy.  We offer extra curricular activities to children throughout their time at the school. Although children take part in the activities for fun and enjoyment, we feel they play an important part in the education of the child. Commitment, perseverance and working as a team are all important life skills.


Sports Club

Currently, we have three sports clubs on offer after school. Sports clubs are mixed year groups so provide children with opportunities to have fun and be active with children in their own and different classes. Our sports clubs are run by Mr Goddard, from Xcite Sports and Fitness. The multi-sport clubs offer a different sport each week so there is something for everyone!

Sports clubs cost £3 a session. If children are interested in attending, they need to complete a slip from the office. Children should wear something suitable for sport for these clubs. 

Clubs currently on offer:

A multi-sport club for KS2 (Years 3-6) - Wednesdays 3-4pm

A multi-sport club for KS1 (Years 1-2) - Thursdays 3-4pm

A dodgeball club for KS1 and 2 (Years 1-6) - Fridays 3-4pm



At Barnburgh Primary Academy, children in Key Stage 2 are invited to join the drama club with Ceri from Cre8 Drama. The pupils are given the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their creative talents. As with all arts, drama involves imagination and feeling, and helps children make sense of the world. It does this through the creation of imagined characters and situations, and the relationships and events that they encounter. Through engagement in drama, pupils apply their imaginations and draw upon their own personal experiences. Each term, the children perform their showcase to parents and are also involved in the Barnsley Drama Festival.





At Barnburgh Primary Academy, children in Key Stage 2 are invited to join the school choir with Miss Allison. The choir sing a wide variety of songs throughout the year that aim to develop vocal technique, singing in different styles and singing together in harmony. Throughout the year, the children in the choir have the opportunity to perform to audiences including their peers and parents. We offer a range of enrichment opportunities to the choir such as singing at multi-choir events and performing to the wider community. 

Being part of a choir allows children to have a sense of belonging, work together as a team, develop musical skills, build confidence and improve emotional well-being.