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Barnburgh Primary Academy

Barnburgh Primary Academy

Healthy Schools

It is important that we give all children the best start in life and that we do everything we can to support their health and wellbeing as each individual progress through school. Our aim at Barnburgh is to support children to grow healthily, safely and responsibly. Becoming a ‘Healthy School’ is dependent on several different factors, such as physical activity, healthy eating, emotional health and wellbeing, education on personal and social health needs. At Barnburgh, we incorporate a series of activities in the school week to ensure all children are physically and emotionally active on a regular basis. This includes RSE education, where children learn all about relationships and the experiences they may face while growing up and buddy benches to help positive social play and allow children to develop new relationships. At Barnburgh, we ensure that all children receive two hours of physical activity each week, along with supporting after-school sports clubs.

Throughout the year we also highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through designated weeks such as; mental health awareness week, healthy eating week and active travel week. Children take part in practical activities whilst learning about others and sharing different experiences.

It is evident that our eating habits start early in life and are influenced by many different factors. At Barnburgh, we ensure that children are offered a healthy, balanced eating environment, promote good habits and teach children the skills they need to make good choices. All children in KS1 are provided with a breaktime snack which includes: carrots, apples, pears, raisins along with other healthy options. KS2 children are encouraged and welcome to bring their own fruit (fresh or dried) and vegetables to be eaten during the morning break. This helps to promote and encourage a balanced diet. Children are motivated to drink water on a regular basis to help protect their individual health and wellbeing.

Barnburgh Primary is a nut free environment. Therefore, we do not allow any products that contain nuts anywhere on the school premises.