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Barnburgh Primary Academy

Barnburgh Primary Academy

Home School Agreement

As a pupil I will:

  • think and act in a positive way towards myself and others.

  • take risks when I am learning.

  • stand up for what I know is right.

  • follow instructions the first time they are given.

  • treat my school environment and the property of others with respect.

  • persevere and give my best effort in all that I do.

  • be as independent as I can be.

  • walk inside the building.

  • be friendly and helpful.

  • keep my hands and feet to myself.

  • cooperate with my teachers.

  • listen carefully.

  • tell a grown up if I am upset or unhappy.


As a parent/carer we will:

  • value our child’s education.

  • ensure that our child arrives at school on time.

  • ensure our child is appropriately dressed in school uniform in line with our school uniform policy.

  • make sure our child attends school regularly and any absence is explained by telephone or note on the first day of absence.

  • attend open evenings to discuss our child’s progress.

  • communicate with school regarding any matters which may affect our child’s education or welfare.

  • encourage good behaviour, politeness and respect for others and their property.


As a school we will:

  • deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which is enjoyable and meaningful.

  • value each child as an individual and foster independence.

  • encourage all children to take care of their surroundings and others around them.

  • inform parents/carers of their child’s progress at regular meetings.

  • recognise success and achievement.

  • set appropriate homework.

  • promote kindness, good manners and respect for other people and other cultures.

  • provide a safe, caring and well ordered environment.

  • develop children’s independence and self-esteem by giving increased responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.

  • involve parents/carers through both curriculum and community activities and so raise awareness of what is happening in school.