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Barnburgh Primary Academy

Barnburgh Primary Academy

School Uniform

At Barnburgh Primary Academy, a uniform is worn to encourage a sense of belonging and pride in the school.

We have high expectations for uniform. Our uniform policy has been updated in response to statutory guidance from the Department for Education published on 19th November 2021.

The purpose of this guidance is to ensure the cost of school uniforms is reasonable and secures the best value for money.


Main points from the guidance:

Parents should not have to think about the cost of a school uniform when choosing which school(s) to apply for. Therefore, schools need to ensure that their uniform is affordable.

In considering cost, schools will need to think about the total cost of school uniforms, taking into account all items of uniform or clothing parents will need to provide while their child is at school.

Schools should keep the use of branded items to a minimum.

A school’s uniform policy should be published on the school’s website, be available to all parents, including parents of prospective pupils, and be easily understood.

Schools should ensure that their uniform supplier arrangements give the highest priority to cost and value for money (including the quality and durability of the garment).

Single supplier contracts should be avoided unless regular tendering competitions are run where more than one supplier can compete for the contract and where the best value for money is secured. This contract should be retendered at least every 5 years.

Schools should ensure that second-hand uniforms are available for parents to acquire. Information on second-hand uniforms should be clear for parents of current and prospective pupils and published on the school’s website.

Schools should engage with parents and pupils when they are developing their school uniform policy.


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Pre-Loved Uniform

We have a selection of ‘pre-loved’ school uniform in used, good-quality condition in school which is available to anyone who needs it. Parents/carers can enquire at reception if they would like to see what is available.

We welcome donations of good quality school uniform which children have outgrown. This includes jumpers/cardigans, PE kit, skirts and trousers. We would like to decrease the amount of school uniform wasted each year while simultaneously providing an option for parents. 

If you would like further information, please email: